What, Not Another Tool!

We’ve got plenty of tools, arguably too many.

Translating the problem we are trying to solve into a comparable one that we have successfully solved in the manufacturing World (Where we come from) did not require a new tool but to adopt a process of standardised tools and leverage their improvements over time to gain greater benefits.

For those of you who do not come from this World, it must sound like black magic, but in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

It may not make much sense to you but in fact in the World of manufacturing you see the results of adopting this every day. I will use the example of car production to illustrate my point.

Much of the production of a car is the same irrespective of whether it is a high end or low end.

The quantity of different “tools” to produce all the cars is relatively few.

A high end car is distinguished by what extra stuff you add, whist a low end car is about what you don’t, and in the middle you have a huge range of possibilities.

A person who works on the standard part of a high end car factory production line can work happily on a low end production line.

So not lots of new tools, the right set of tools that we can leverage over time using processes that will support over 80% of what is needed.

SIgn up and we’ll keep you up to date of what we are doing.