The Solution….

In my last article on web sites I described why I was not a fan of off the shelf web site generators because of their ultimate limitations.
I also mentioned that I was finishing off our the solution which avoided that situation and just as that was happening I came across a YouTube video by Tyler Moore. He had already came up with almost the same idea as me. His video had been viewed more than 4 million times!

You may have thought that I would be disappointed but nothing could be far from the truth because this many views clearly tells you that this approach resonates with many people. and that there is a need for it.

This solution will allow more than 304,000,000 different websites, so the likelihood of your site being like someone else is zero; how fantastic is that!!

Like most good ideas the solution is simple, take the best of the best and put them together in such a way that they can be used by the beginner or the the most experienced designer, both of which will be able to produce websites to the limit of their capability.

At the core, we use three elements:

  • The adoption of WordPress
  • Elementor to edit the content and create the building blocks
  • A class leading light but flexible theme.

We only differ in the choice of the theme, his is OceanWP and mine is GeneratePress base. Either are fine!

The beauty of this approach is that once adopted, you have almost infinite flexibility in the creation and maintenance of your website, because irrespective of who or how it was created, you are in control of it.


You decide that you want to build the site yourself, you start but you cannot finish it off due to outside pressures. No problem, you have adopted a standard , we can pick it up and finish it off for you.

Then, you decide that once finished, you would like to take care of it. No problem, you know how it was built and therefore you know exactly how it should be maintained.

You want someone to build it from scratch and you do not want to look after it yourself in the future, but you are not sure who you would like to do it. No problem, by defining our approach, you know exactly the components used and therefore you know exactly how it should be maintained and if the person or company has the capability.

The days of being tied down are simply gone!