Welcome to Dimwit Web Designs

We are a friendly web design team who help you create professional websites that look amazing and work!

We have been designing websites for over a decade and know what good looks like.

Our solutions, exclusively use WordPress* as the website “engine”. Word press powers many of the World’s websites. There are over 75 million installations that tell you that you should use it.

In addition we use a standard suite of  WordPress additional applications

Whether you need a simple single page or complex multi-page, multi-site website, we can deliver what you need, and it won’t cost you the Earth.

The good news is that we have never come across a situation where WordPress cannot deliver what you need.

If that situation does ever arise, then we’ll tell you that we are not the agency for you.

We do think of ourselves as a little different from other Web Design Agencies though because the first thing we’ll ask is what do you want from the website?

Remember, we are an exclusive  WordPress exclusive agency, so as long as that is your engine we can:

  1. Help you build it yourself. We’ll agree and provide you with the necessary WordPress tools
  2. We’ll finish it off for you, if it all becomes a bit too much for you
  3. We’ll look after your website for you
  4. We’ll give it a spring clean when you want.
  5. We’ll help you upgrade or give your website a refresh
  6. We’ll that for you too

As long as you agree to adopt WordPress for your website, we’ll help you with more or less anything.